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Just a little thought of the day


Are you afraid of changes? I am. I alway have. Very well hidden in my adulthood but positively yes. Do I still need to try to learn to embrace them? Maybe yes.
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When does a gadget stop being a gadget and become a yester-appliance, even if it's still perfectly working? Realistically, I guess it's when the model has received more than two major updates and being labelled as "discontinued" must be a death sentence.
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Bye bye Photoshop


Some time ago, my PC decided it had enough and broke, taking my copy of Photoshop down with it. After switching to Apple, subscribing to Adobe's CC felt a step too far so I decided to purchase Affinity Serif. A far more reasonable option.

Do I like it? Well, it's OK. I wish it worked as seamlessly with Lightroom and Google Nik as Photoshop but it is much cheaper (and gets updated for free) so I can't complain. Also, at the moment, I am enjoying processing images only through Lightroom, especially the ones taken by M8. It's only 10MP so there's not much to manipulate!

I recently joined a local camera club and am entering a monochrome print competition for the first time. Having my digital images printed through a lab was exciting and I mounted them by myself. Yay! Will I win the competition? No way. The standard is really high but I am hoping to be able to learn by going through the process and also receiving comments from the judge.

It was foggy this morning so I took my camera with me when I walked the dog, hoping to be able to shoot some nice foggy effect. Unfortunately the fog was already lifted by the time we got to the woods. But I took some shots nevertheless. After importing those images through Lightroom at home, I just thought ... I can't get enough of this. I love photography. I really do.
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A Sunny Day Walk


Autumn, autumn, and autumn.
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Just a diary

It's been such a long time since I've updated this blog. Perhaps no one cares but I write nevertheless.

Autumn is here everywhere. Proper chill, lots of birds around the feeders, and leaves are turning. Very pretty. The arty side of me has been touched by the season, too. I've just started a new book - "The Nose" by Nicolai Gogol. Bizarre. It's as weird as Dostoevsky's "The Double" or Kafka's "Metamorphosis". Just my kind of book to read, wrapped in a blanket with a warm drink beside me.

Busying myself with photography, piano and animals nowadays. The house is good (we've moved out of the pollution laden Central London to the semi-rural area) and I no longer work (YES!).

I liked what I was doing on this blog earlier, i.e. sharing advanced level English words that I learnt everyday. Honestly I learnt a lot by doing that - and forgot a lot too, but it doesn't matter as that sort of vocabulary is not for active use but for passive recognition and comprehension (a very good excuse). Unfortunately I don't think I have time to write such structured entries for the time being but I might start again sometime in the future. Out of necessity, really. Whose idea was it that living and breathing a foreign language is liberating? Well I don't regret but I have to pay the price.

I do miss some people I've come across on this blog over the years. People do appear and disappear (like me). I wonder how they are. I hope they are well. I am sure they are.

I'll be back.

uk_alien xx

P.S. I'm so pleased that I'm no longer young and vigorous and ranty as before to write about Brexit.
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hoard [v] to collect and keep large amount of food, money, etc., especially secretly
e.g. Squirrels hoard nuts for winter.

aegis [n] under the aegis of sth = with the protection or support of a particular organisation or person
e.g. The negotiations were conducted under the aegis of UN.

imbibe [v] to drink alcohol, to absorb sth (such as information)
e.g. Plants imbibe light from the sun
We often go on a holiday in Devon to imbibe fresh air.

virile [adj] showing masculine characteristics (strong, energetic, sexual etc). (positively used)
e.g. What can we do to change this somehow fixated idea that men continue to be fascinating and attractive and virile, while women age and no longer sexual or beautiful.

doddering [adj] weak, slow and not able to walk in a steady way especially because of old age
e.g. My mother-in-law detests the idea of ending up in a nursing home, living among doddering old people.


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今回は今日の上級英単語Part 26の復習です。Part 26で学習したのは以下の単語:


さて問題です。次の例文の[ ]にもっともよく当てはまる単語を上から選んでください。動詞の場合は、時制は文脈によって変化させ、同様に名詞の単数複数も変化させてください。

An original Power of Attorney duly signed and [ ] by two witnesses is required in order for us to disclose any information in respect of your mother's account.

New regulations concerning smoking in public are expected to be [ ] later this year.

Harry and I met not in propitious circumstances to say the least, so our relationship was [ ] from the start and didn't last long.

He learned back, [ ] at the success of his plan.

Even after years, he still remains an [ ] to me.








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puny /ˈpjuːni/ [adj]:
1) small and weak 虚弱な
e.g. The newborn baby was a puny little thing.
2) not very impressive 取るに足らない、つまらない
e.g. They laughed at my puny efforts
to make a puny attempt to do sth
puny excuses
a puny physique

obliterate /əˈblɪtəreɪt/ [v]: to erase/cover or destroy completely
e.g. The building was completely obliterated by the bomb.
The snow had obliterated their foot prints.
Everything that happened that night was obliterated from his memory.

deplorable /dɪˈplɔːrəbl [adj]: very bad and unacceptable, often in a shocking way 嘆かわしい、みじめな
e.g. During the conflict, the villagers endured years of suffering and privation, living in the most deplorable conditions.

conflagration /ˌkɒnfləˈɡreɪʃn/ [n]: a very large fire that destroys a lot of land or buildings 大火
e.g. During the Grate Fire in 1666, a major conflagration swept through the medieval City of London.

rue /ruː/ [v]: to regret 後悔する、残念に思う
e.g. You'll rue the day you took a job that you knew you shouldn't have, or left one without thinking it through.


次の記事はPart 26の復習です。

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