Bye-bye Rach

My colleague who I had difficulty with initially is leaving.

She doesn’t do ‘nice’ easily, looks moody and is pissed off in general. (I can hear someone exclaim ‘that IS an exact portraiture of an English woman’.) I was aghast to learn that there existed such a rude person on the earth and Sod’s law she sat next to me.

At first she just looked a nasty whiny evil Essex Girl who couldn’t shed the extra stone she carried around her waist which made her look permanently pregnant (miaow). I had no idea why another colleague of mine, who looked identical to David Beckham in my untrained eyes, had chosen her to be a wedded wife.

Yet, I started to notice the most enchanting eyes that she possessed. Their intense expressions seemed to reflect her deep emotions and strong determination, giving off almost regal impression which very much reminded me of the portrait of Queen Victoria by Franz Xaver Winterhalter.

I also realised that she was endowed with incredibly empathetic and generous nature. Though usually it was carefully hidden, whenever someone was extremely distressed she was always the one who swiftly got up and went to the person to offer comfort. I could see the action was instant and instinctive, and had nothing to do with any agenda whatsoever. She was also a hard worker, too. Funny she didn’t want to be seen that way and rather preferred to be seen crude and lazy.

A very interesting person.

So much so I got to like her and respected her. I am not the friendliest person either anyway, so we never got very close to each other, but we still got on all right as colleagues.

Last Friday was her leaving do. Though I don’t normally join night-outs, I did this time along with all others.

When I got a chance to speak to her (with a conscious effort to hear and to be heard over the infernal noise blasted from the cheap speakers), I told her that although she hadn’t been the easiest person to deal with at first (she laughed and admitted that she didn’t normally let people in easily) after getting to know her I got to see her true good kind nature and treasured her colleagueship. I sincerely thanked for it and wished her the very best luck on her new job.

She gave very kind words to me too, and warned me to take a very good care of myself as she knew I was as fragile deep down as she was. I promised I would.

I will miss her. And yep, I concede that she could definitely catch a David Beckham or two. One of a kind.
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