My camera is giving me a grief. It is freaking heavy. Together with my favourite lens, 35mm/f1.4 (which is equivalent to the irresistible angle of 50mm on my camera), it weighs a ton. Well, not really. But it weighs nearly a kilo. After a 3hr walk, I am always left with blinding head&neck aches.

But I love it. I love my camera. I love the feel of this 'mechanical device' rather than a 'consumer electronic product' (although it's almost there).

With despair, I went into one of those rare and dinosauric camera shops in Bloomsbury to see if I really should pick up an X2, a compact which weighs only 350g or so.

The guy at the shop, who still uses a Leica film camera (and asserts that if and when he needs digital, he can borrow an M9 from the shop, making me feel that I am in the wrong profession), wholeheartedly recommended Fujifilm XE-1 plus Fujinon 35mm/f1.4 lens (equivalent to 50mm). The pair reminded me of my old film camera gear. Not bulky, serious enough and not too expensive. Tempting. I would definitely have bought the set if I was switching from a DSLR, but the set still felt bulky and heavy for my purpose. I do need a more compact and light-weight camera which can still offer an uber image quality.

I found X2 quite charming. Its (slow) shutter response is fast enough for me and you can feel the built quality by handling it. But after all the angle is 35mm and for this reason I can't wholeheartedly fall in love with it. If, however, there existed such a thing as a high-end Leica compact with a 48mm equivalent fixed lens with f1.8 or f2.0, it would be much heavier than X2.

I gave up. I promised the guy that I would learn more about XE-1 and left the shop.

For now,, I will continue to suffer from the aches.
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uk_alienさんはどんなカメラを使ってられるのかなぁ〜って、気になっていたんです(知りたがりでNosy なので…)。Leicaですか??? うひゃぁ~。私は「f1.8」って言われて「何それ?」のレベルなので、今持ってるカメラで十分だけど、Leicaの素晴らしさは知ってます。でも、そんなにヘビーだっていうのは知りませんでした(手にとったことがないので…)
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Papricaさん、こんにちわ。私はライカのM8を5年越しで使っています。重いですよ。レンガにレンズがくっついている感じ。よくMカメラの記述で軽くてコンパクトという表現を見かけますが、あれは嘘です 笑。少なくとも小ぶりの東洋人女性にはあてはまりません。でもあのキカイ感は他のメーカーのデジタルでは感じられなくて、重いのを我慢して持ち歩いています。


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