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It's been such a long time since I've updated this blog. Perhaps no one cares but I write nevertheless.

Autumn is here everywhere. Proper chill, lots of birds around the feeders, and leaves are turning. Very pretty. The arty side of me has been touched by the season, too. I've just started a new book - "The Nose" by Nicolai Gogol. Bizarre. It's as weird as Dostoevsky's "The Double" or Kafka's "Metamorphosis". Just my kind of book to read, wrapped in a blanket with a warm drink beside me.

Busying myself with photography, piano and animals nowadays. The house is good (we've moved out of the pollution laden Central London to the semi-rural area) and I no longer work (YES!).

I liked what I was doing on this blog earlier, i.e. sharing advanced level English words that I learnt everyday. Honestly I learnt a lot by doing that - and forgot a lot too, but it doesn't matter as that sort of vocabulary is not for active use but for passive recognition and comprehension (a very good excuse). Unfortunately I don't think I have time to write such structured entries for the time being but I might start again sometime in the future. Out of necessity, really. Whose idea was it that living and breathing a foreign language is liberating? Well I don't regret but I have to pay the price.

I do miss some people I've come across on this blog over the years. People do appear and disappear (like me). I wonder how they are. I hope they are well. I am sure they are.

I'll be back.

uk_alien xx

P.S. I'm so pleased that I'm no longer young and vigorous and ranty as before to write about Brexit.


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