Bye bye Photoshop


Some time ago, my PC decided it had enough and broke, taking my copy of Photoshop down with it. After switching to Apple, subscribing to Adobe's CC felt a step too far so I decided to purchase Affinity Serif. A far more reasonable option.

Do I like it? Well, it's OK. I wish it worked as seamlessly with Lightroom and Google Nik as Photoshop but it is much cheaper (and gets updated for free) so I can't complain. Also, at the moment, I am enjoying processing images only through Lightroom, especially the ones taken by M8. It's only 10MP so there's not much to manipulate!

I recently joined a local camera club and am entering a monochrome print competition for the first time. Having my digital images printed through a lab was exciting and I mounted them by myself. Yay! Will I win the competition? No way. The standard is really high but I am hoping to be able to learn by going through the process and also receiving comments from the judge.

It was foggy this morning so I took my camera with me when I walked the dog, hoping to be able to shoot some nice foggy effect. Unfortunately the fog was already lifted by the time we got to the woods. But I took some shots nevertheless. After importing those images through Lightroom at home, I just thought ... I can't get enough of this. I love photography. I really do.


by uk_alien | 2016-10-27 20:58 | photography | Comments(0)

London, UK

by uk_alien