2017 was a funny year for us. My husband has had a very hard time at work (his new boss turned out to be a true nightmare). I really wanted to support him better emotionally, but haven’t been able to quite successfully. I guess I am rather insecure myself and have been shaken to observe how things are affecting him, the most important person in my life.

Health-wise, we have been fairly lucky except that my husband gained quite a lot of weight due to medication (and/or his excessive gin and wine consumption!); and that I had to have an operation in my mouth to remove infection in the bone of my upper jaw and to have all-on-four procedure done at the same time. God it feels like as though a huge chunk of toffee was stuck in my mouth. I just cannot speak properly. All of my pronunciation exercise books from the old days are being dusted off and I’ll do all I can to get rid of this lisp.

Walter the dog has been well, apart from this recent development of coughing, which a course of antibiotics failed to abate. Worrying. Henry the (deaf and very old) cat has had a few seizures in the past two years, yet he is VERY happy, spoilt rotten with cooked chicken and whole milk served at will.

I have been learning the piano for tree years now. My progress is painfully slow, but I keep at it, never to give up as I know I would be cursing and kicking myself with regret in my grave if I stopped trying. Currently I am working on Liszt’s Romance as a project piece while working on Graded Pianoforte Studies Book II for technical purposes. In addition, I will be taking Grade 5 Music Theory Exam later in 2018 (...or when I am ready eventually. Oh, how can you compose without the aid of an instrument!).

I had a membership with a local photographic society for a year. I did well and won several prizes including the best street photography and the best colour print at the final exhibition. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t quite care for the type of photography enthusiastically supported by the major stream of the society. Beauty to perfection with additions and subtractions to transcend (rather than enhance) the reality. I lost interest and left it. I will be taking pictures of course, but not competing in that manner at least for the time being.

I like the sense of closure at this time of the year. It somehow feels comforting and reassuring. I reflect the past and make plans for the future. Nobody knows what the year 2018 will bring to us, but I will be in it, with it and at it, as best as I can.

Merry X’mas and a Happy New Year to you all.



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