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日の出と共に気温は上がり、起きた時は固い蕾だったRosa Deep Secretの切り花がサンルームで咲いていた。







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31 August 2018






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Life is beautiful (for now).



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日本から沢山の乾物が届いた。お餅が入っていたので以前に頂いてしまいっぱなしだった小豆を煮る。小豆のパックの賞味期限は2016年。うーん月日が経つのは早い 笑。


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2017 was a funny year for us. My husband has had a very hard time at work (his new boss turned out to be a true nightmare). I really wanted to support him better emotionally, but haven’t been able to quite successfully. I guess I am rather insecure myself and have been shaken to observe how things are affecting him, the most important person in my life.

Health-wise, we have been fairly lucky except that my husband gained quite a lot of weight due to medication (and/or his excessive gin and wine consumption!); and that I had to have an operation in my mouth to remove infection in the bone of my upper jaw and to have all-on-four procedure done at the same time. God it feels like as though a huge chunk of toffee was stuck in my mouth. I just cannot speak properly. All of my pronunciation exercise books from the old days are being dusted off and I’ll do all I can to get rid of this lisp.

Walter the dog has been well, apart from this recent development of coughing, which a course of antibiotics failed to abate. Worrying. Henry the (deaf and very old) cat has had a few seizures in the past two years, yet he is VERY happy, spoilt rotten with cooked chicken and whole milk served at will.

I have been learning the piano for tree years now. My progress is painfully slow, but I keep at it, never to give up as I know I would be cursing and kicking myself with regret in my grave if I stopped trying. Currently I am working on Liszt’s Romance as a project piece while working on Graded Pianoforte Studies Book II for technical purposes. In addition, I will be taking Grade 5 Music Theory Exam later in 2018 (...or when I am ready eventually. Oh, how can you compose without the aid of an instrument!).

I had a membership with a local photographic society for a year. I did well and won several prizes including the best street photography and the best colour print at the final exhibition. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t quite care for the type of photography enthusiastically supported by the major stream of the society. Beauty to perfection with additions and subtractions to transcend (rather than enhance) the reality. I lost interest and left it. I will be taking pictures of course, but not competing in that manner at least for the time being.

I like the sense of closure at this time of the year. It somehow feels comforting and reassuring. I reflect the past and make plans for the future. Nobody knows what the year 2018 will bring to us, but I will be in it, with it and at it, as best as I can.

Merry X’mas and a Happy New Year to you all.

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Just a diary

It's been such a long time since I've updated this blog. Perhaps no one cares but I write nevertheless.

Autumn is here everywhere. Proper chill, lots of birds around the feeders, and leaves are turning. Very pretty. The arty side of me has been touched by the season, too. I've just started a new book - "The Nose" by Nicolai Gogol. Bizarre. It's as weird as Dostoevsky's "The Double" or Kafka's "Metamorphosis". Just my kind of book to read, wrapped in a blanket with a warm drink beside me.

Busying myself with photography, piano and animals nowadays. The house is good (we've moved out of the pollution laden Central London to the semi-rural area) and I no longer work (YES!).

I liked what I was doing on this blog earlier, i.e. sharing advanced level English words that I learnt everyday. Honestly I learnt a lot by doing that - and forgot a lot too, but it doesn't matter as that sort of vocabulary is not for active use but for passive recognition and comprehension (a very good excuse). Unfortunately I don't think I have time to write such structured entries for the time being but I might start again sometime in the future. Out of necessity, really. Whose idea was it that living and breathing a foreign language is liberating? Well I don't regret but I have to pay the price.

I do miss some people I've come across on this blog over the years. People do appear and disappear (like me). I wonder how they are. I hope they are well. I am sure they are.

I'll be back.

uk_alien xx

P.S. I'm so pleased that I'm no longer young and vigorous and ranty as before to write about Brexit.
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「芸能界」とは不思議なもので、私たちのような一般人をあごで使えるパワーを神から授けられている。どうせカットされるだろうjust in caseシーンにコーヒー一杯でこれだけこき使われることをいとわせないのだからすごい。


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OMG It was a tough week but I managed to go through, just. Well done me and to everyone who worked f'ing hard. Wish you all have a lovely weekend!
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私の労働時間は長い。今回の転職で長くなってしまったのだ、ま、仕方がない。それにon topで通勤時間がのっかる。どっしり。



後になってよく考えると、West Cornwall Pasty Companyからの匂いだったに違いない、と思う。
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カメラ小僧のイギリス帰化人。愛機はライカMモノクローム。はたと思い立って始めた大人ピアノ初心者で目下楽しくて仕方がないピアノ練習と音楽理論の勉強をブログに綴る日々 ー London UK

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