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At last

At last we have exchanged our contracts today, which means we have now secured the flat at the agreed price (yes, we paid the additional 1,500 pounds in the end though we have requested 'evidential documentation' for the additional sum and we shall have it).

The seller cannot ask for a single penny more. We've locked the bastard in. Well done to everyone who has been working extremely hard for commission, fee or home.

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先日、中華食材の大きなスーパーマーケットへ買出しに出かけた。久しぶりにシフォンロールケーキを買おうかなと見ていると、ふと「Japanese Lemon Cheesecake」と名乗ってどでかいチーズケーキが丸ごと売られているのに気がついた。

New York CheesecakeならきいたことあるけどJapanese Cheesecakeというのは初耳だな、と思いながらしげしげ眺めていると、旦那が「だめもとで買ってみたら?」という。






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The Ginger Tree



The Ginger Tree





The Ginger Tree by Oswald Wynd
Eland Publishing Ltd

In 1903 Mary Mackenzie sails for China to marry the British Military Attache, a man who turns out to be every bit as chilly as the Peking Winter. During one of his many absences, Mary has an affair with a Japanese soldier, Count Kurihama, but her pregnancy is impossible to keep secret.

Rejected by husband, mother and country, and forced to leave her daughter behind, Mary flees to Japan. The Ginger Tree tells the fascinating story of her survival, isolated and alone, in this alien culture.

About the publisher - Eland (This publisher is based in London.)
Eland specializes in keeping the classics of travel literature in print. Eland books open out our understanding of other cultures, interpret the unknown, reveal different environments as well as celebrating the humour and occasional horrors of travel.

(Quoted from www.travelbooks.co.uk)
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Bronze - RA

目下、Royal Academy of Artsで行われているBronzeは、太古の昔からモダンな作品まで世界中から借り出された代表作たちを

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Always look on the bright side of life...

It turned out that Mr ‘Islam Mortgage’ hadn’t paid the ground rent since his purchase in 2008.

The ground rent is to be paid to the free holder directly (not via a management company), and there seems to be no penalty system in place to discourage from arrearage, so it’s not surprising. However, this has now been settled to our relief.

Also not surprisingly, his mortgage payments have been in arrears (and it sounds like for quite some time). This was the background reason why the exchange didn't take place yesterday as his solicitor does not have the ‘current’ mortgage redemption statement. According to this solicitor, the latest document in hand is from two months ago, so he/she needs an update.

Both our solicitor and our buyer (who happens to be a solicitor) believe this is a big lie. Due to the delay of the transaction, our mortgage redemption statement is now two months' old as well. Yet, what needs doing is simply to assume that the mortgage payments for these two months have been made (or not made) and calculate accordingly. It’s not a rocket science.

In addition, our seller has made 150,000 pounds in equity over the past four years. Even if his mortgage was 100% of the purchase price and if he hadn't made his mortgage payment (which is clearly known to us to be 1,500 pcm!) at all since his purchase, after the sales, he would be able to pay off all his mortgage with ease and still make a 72,000 pounds profit. This financial standing should be proven with a two months’ old statement.

We can therefore safely deduce that the solicitor FORGOT to request the redemption statement from the bank. He hasn't got one.

Just to make a point that this was the solicitor who all of a sudden started to push us ruthlessly to complete by the end of the month forgetting all the delays caused by him/her and falsely believing the documents on their side were complete.

I’m just amazed how incompetent a solicitor can be.

Our seller is furious as our additional payment of 1,500 pounds was subject to the exchange taking place on Friday, which didn't happen.

Now his solicitor is blaming our solicitor for all the blander to cover his/her ass. Naturally our solicitor is absolutely furious.

How does this end?

My husband and I are stressed to the core, physically and mentally.
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そしてMr イスラムモーゲッジはというと....



怒り狂う心を、<ここ3ヶ月のフラットの価値の上昇40000ポンド -このふざけた野郎への捨て金1500ポンド=38500ポンド>とう数式でなだめ、「今日中に契約書交換をするなら1500ポンドを支払う」と同意した。

で、どうなったかというと...Mr イスラムモーゲッジのソリシターは彼らとMr イスラムモーゲッジの間に必要な書類を揃えきっておらず(爆)、よって契約書交換にいたらず。


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One step forward

After all this prolonged agony, things fall into place all of a sudden. They say it's always like this when you move; however, when you are left in the dark (and it is literally pitch black even when you are frequently communicating with the solicitor) you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel - you feel all but positive.

Anyhow, all the documents that were wanted for us have now been in place and we are ready to move ... well, in 3 weeks' time. Why that long? It's just our buyer being unable to obtain the formal mortgage offer documents so soon (though she's already got the approval from the bank) and also unable to complete the week before. Nevertheless, hopefully we can exchange the contracts a bit sooner - perhaps towards the end of the next week-ish - so that we can secure the deal.

At last we can plan for the future!

The first thing to think about? - A new cat litter box. (Yes, we are that sad.)

We are down sizing a lot, so the current huge cat litter box needs to go. Do you think this is practical?


It's pretty much diddy and having look at this video, I'm fairly convinced it will work with our cat (and our dog who takes his pleasure in picking out cat poo from the litter box).

Whist I was enjoying these leisurely thoughts for a change, my husband just called on the way home. Apparently our seller is now pushing to complete by the end of next week.

... Well, though we are completely ready, our buyer's money may not be in place in time, and therefore planning for such a highly implausible and hasty completion date is naturally risky.

I can tell that the seller simply wants to avoid another monthly 'mortgage' payment (whatever this is called in their part of the world). This is a seller who didn't pay his ground rent for the past four years and was forced to settle it before selling his flat.

Oh, my anger rises. All these three months of torments...

... Don't you... Don't you ever have a slightest sense of decency to REALISE it was YOU? It was YOUR SIDE which was creating all the inconveniences and delays? Are you that stupid ignorant inconsiderate brain-damaged greedy MONKEY?!

...My apologies. This analogy is utterly unfair to the monkeys.

Really. They say a house purchase is one of the most stressful events in life and I can honestly condone it.
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皆さん、(イングランド/ウェールズの不動産売買において)イスラムのローンを組んでいる売り手には注意してかかりましょう。通常よりかなり時間がかかり、コスト面でもFIXED FEE/NO PURCHASE NO FEEでやり手のソリシターを雇っていないとかなり費用がかさんでしまうのでは。私たちはこの遅れのせいで、トラブルフリーの売買を期待していた最初のキャッシュバイヤーにかなり嫌な思いをさせられた挙句にオファーを破棄されました。運よくすぐに安定したキャッシュバイヤーを抑えることができ、彼女もこの家が買えるならいくらでも待つ!といってくれていますが、先に説明したロンドンの価格高騰と買い替えの差額のギャップの増大への心配もあって、結構冷や汗ものです。ちなみにHSBCはこのタイプのローンは今後はUKでは提供しないとアナウンスしています。
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カメラ小僧のイギリス帰化人。愛機はライカMモノクローム。はたと思い立って始めた大人ピアノ初心者で目下楽しくて仕方がないピアノ練習と音楽理論の勉強をブログに綴る日々 ー London UK

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